200 words a day – Gabriella Campbell

Gabriella Campbell
‘It took me two or three months to get to the point where I just had to write every day.’ Three years ago, Gabriella Campbell started what can be seen as a little challenge: writing 200 words daily. Now, this Spanish writer with Irish ancestry has her first Fantasy novel published, a collection of Fantasy and Sci-Fi short stories that she self-published in Amazon and one of the most famous literary blogs in Spain. She has been a publisher, a poet, a content writer… being so versatile seems to be the secret of her success, although she confesses that having a degree in Literature ‘also gave me perspective.’
Gabriella is very active on social media: ‘there’s this saying  that to market a product properly you’ve to give marketing 80% of the time and 20% to the creation.’ She is also an ebook enthusiast, and she believes they ‘are the easiest way to polish a book and to share my writing.’ She started writing poetry but her curiosity and love of reading made her consider short stories first and then novels. ‘It was kind of a natural progression to me,’ she admits.

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