Getting Into The Writer’s Head: Natasha Robson

Natasha Robson

‘Editing involves trying to get into the head of the writer and bringing out the best of what’s already there.’

Natasha Robson is an assistant editor at Holland House Books, an indie publishing house – like Sam Jordison‘s Galley Beggar Press. She has contributed to the Novella Project from the very beginning – a project which gives unknown authors that come from very different backgrounds the possibility of publishing  exciting fiction for the very first time.*

Natasha is doing an MA in Literature in the University of Reading. That and her love of teaching made her took the path of editing, and she couldn’t be more enthusiastic about it – helping authors to tell the stories they want.

Also, like the writer Sarah Jasmon, she’s living a boat, and we wonder, is there something linked between living on water and creativity? Who knows…

If you want to know more about the Novella Project please check out their page, they are doing something wonderful, daring and unique!

What can you find in this interview?

-Working as an editor.

-Information about indie publishing houses such as Holland House Books.

-The editing process.

-Publishing projects.



Many thanks to our meticulous editor, Terry Garanhel and to the founder and sponsor of the programme, Yvonne Battle-Felton. And, of course, to Natasha Robson, who is a truly thoughtful editor! We wish you the best in this adventure, we’re sure you’ll keep editing great books!


*And I have the pleasure to say I am among these authors! My gothic horror novella McTavish Manor will be ouy in October 2016.