About TWL

The Writing Life is an award-winning radio programme created by a student in the English & Creative Writing PhD and carried on by students in the English & Creative Writing MA program. It’s also being sponsored by the author Yvonne Battle-Felton.  Get to know the team!



I began The Writing Life in my selfish pursuit of stories: the crafting, sharing and the less often talked about, making a living with them. Where else could I interview people who were making a living with their words to help me craft my own writing path? These interviews became opportunities to reflect and learn about a variety of people, all with different paths and each crafting engaging futures for themselves.  They helped me plot my own path, a path that means pursuing what I most want in a variety of ways.

These interviews have humbled, surprised, encouraged, elated and nourished me. Over the years, I have developed into a literary interviewer with a passion for storytelling and story gathering. Thanks to the support from my producers at Bailrigg FM, LUSU, FASS and the English and Creative Writing Department, I have hosted interviews and presented writers’ panels in hopes of building resources for other writers and radio literary salons as a platform to share stories. I have won “Best Female,” “Best Interview” and been runner up for “Best Show” awards.

As I continue crafting my own writing future, revising my first novel, completing my Creative Writing PhD at Lancaster University, Co-Organizing/Co-Hosting Stories at the Storey, North West Literary Salon and Off the Page, it is time to craft a new future for The Writing Life. The show has grown over the years and its growth requires a dedicated team to take it to new heights and audiences.

It’s with great pleasure that I hand over the show to the new team as I continue learning, crafting and gathering stories of my own. I’ll be listening.


Teresa photo blog TWL

During my MA in Creative Writing at Lancaster University I wrote short stories that mixed folklore and mythology with History, though I could never quite get away from the idea of writing a novel ─ so I am attempting to write it now. Having previously edited an anthology of fourteen writers during this MA, I am now jumping into another challenge, which is editing The Writing Life. I am also a curator for Fiction Magazines, which I hope will help me develop my writing skills and increase my knowledge of the writing world.

Likewise, the goal of our show is to provide you with information on the craft that can help you pursue a career in writing by overcoming any doubts and fears. I hope you find these writers’ experiences as inspiring as I do.




I’m a skittish author trying to overcome her fears by writing in a second language and hiking alone in the most recondit corners of the Lake District and the Highlands. Although I must confess I learned talking way before walking – one-year-old conversations… you can imagine how much my parents had to endure! I have always loved the radio and working in the Cadena SER – the most prestigious radio in Spain – got me addicted to journalism. My MA at Lancaster University gave me the confidence to believe that my curiosity can also bring  inspiration to other writers. That’s precisely the purpose of this programme.

Want to know me a bit better? You can check my writer’s blog here.



I love writing – mainly about my split cultural heritage as I’m both English and Polish.
I’ve just finished the Creative Writing MA at Lancaster University where I’ve been working on a historical novel set in WW2 Poland and am now trying to whip it into a completed form.

It’s been awesome to be able to spend a year with a close-knit group of writers, helping to develop each-others’ work, but now we’ve all had to break back out into the real world and I want to know whether we really can make it as working writers in today’s cut-throat job market.

The interviews you will hear on our show will hopefully convince you that you can. They’ve certainly inspired me to believe that I might just manage it.


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