Magic in Morecambe Bay – Jenn Ashworth



Jenn Ashworth is publishing her fourth novel, a Magic Realism inspired piece called Fell and I couldn’t be happier because that meant I had the chance to interview her! I have loved Jenn’s writing since always. She ventures to places people normally prefer to ignore, and she talks about characters that society condemns. And she’s dark, and funny, and engaging. And her female characters are always exquisite and realist – and I take my hat to that, because it’s not the norm, either.

What can I tell you so you go and buy Fell? Well, it’s not an easy reading. The story is dark, and full of desolation. But in life, there is not always happiness and daffodils, and we need that other dark half, too

Illness, death, resurrection, magic and sycamores…. Fell has all that and a beautiful cover. And it’s set in Morecambe bay, which means that if you want to visit the original place of the novel you can always come, say hi and I’ll show you around!

Finally,  Jenn Ashworth is not only a writer who will pull you into any of her stories but also a very inspiring artist. Since I know her – and also got the privilege of doing my PhD with her – I have been marvelled at how passionate she’s about the craft but how seriously she takes it too. In a world where many people think writing is just a side hobby or a privilege job for a few chosen ones, Jenn proves that is possible to live on it – while being an extraordinarily prolific writer, a enthusiastic professor and having always the time to be launching exciting writing projects such as Curious Tales!



What can you find in this interview?

– Writing habits.

-Writing genre and realistic fiction.

-Publishing and promoting your work.

-Writing about Lancashire and the North.



Texts Read:

Fell (Novel).


Do you want to know more about Jenn Ashworth?

-Check out her website.

-Check out her twitter.

-Check out her own publishing house that she launched along with other writers, Curious Tales! (They publish the most beautiful and unsettling ghost stories, perfect to give as a Christmas gift for very special people.)


Many thanks to our meticulous editor, Terry Garanhel, and the founder of the programme, Yvonne Battle-Felton. And, of course, to Jenn Ashworth. She was our Creative Writing tutor when we – Teresa and me – were doing the MA at Lancaster University and she inspired us a lot. We are always waiting for your new books and hope you bring us many more!



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