Tucans, diamonds and Steam Punk: Oscar Delgado Chinchilla.


‘I’ve just started thinking about Creative Writing as a career…’

Oscar studied English Literature in Costa Rica. When he was allowed to hand in a creative writing piece instead of just a critical essay as a final assingment for his MA course, he discovered that fiction could be his passion as well as his talent. Since then, he has published his short stories in several magazines and eventually came to Lancaster to do the Creative Writing MA. Now he’s a Creative Writing PhD student in the University of Nottingham. He admits to find more natural writing in English than in Spanish – his first language – as he says he can be more honest when he’s not using his mother tongue.

Oscar is interested in Gothic, Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Speculative Fiction, among others. Read  Like Diamonds in her Eyes* to see how he skillfully mixes Sci-Fi with Comedy just as another great writer we interviewed here, Eddie Robson. Oscar could also be the pioneer of a new genre, Tropical Horror, that blends Gothic with the rich imagery of Costa Rica.


*Fun fact: The main character in this story is named after our dear secretary in the English Lit and Creative Writing Department at Lancaster, Leila!

What can you find in this interview?

-Doing a Creative Writing MA at Lancaster University.

-Publishing in magazines such as Fiction Magazines.

-Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Gothic, Steam Punk and Speculative Fiction.

-Writing in a second language.

-Travelling and writing.



Do you want to know more about Oscar Delgado Chinchilla?

-Check out his short story Like Diamonds in her Eyes published in Nebula Rift.
-Check out his publications in Revista de Lenguas Modernas.


Many thanks to our meticulous editor, Terry Garanhel and to the founder and sponsor of the programme, Yvonne Battle-Felton. And, of course, to  Oscar Delgado Chinchilla. He was our writing pal in the CW MA at Lancaster and our dear friend. You might have traumatised us for life by using tucans in a horror story but are still very proud of all your achievements and hope to read your novels soon!

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