Throwing darts – Kirsty Logan

Kirsty Logan

‘While we write we’ve to fool ourselves that no one would ever read it’. This might be Kirsty Logan‘s fantasy, but the truth is she has been able to engage with quite a large audience, especially since her debut novel, The Gracekeepers, was published this year. ‘A novel is like a doll house. A huge world you can look at and explore.’ Kirsty also enjoys writing short stories – she has two collections out there, The Rental Heart and A Portable Shelter. ‘A short story is like looking through a keyhole: they’re small but suggest a much larger world.’

Kirsty is a very active writer. She found her agent through Twitter: ‘If you’re not on twitter as a writer, get on Twitter.’ She also participates in the WoMentoring project, as ‘it keeps me on my toes because I see the talent out there’ and travels to fascinating places – from the Scottish’s shores to Iceland – to gather inspiration for her stories. Her secret? Working little by little, ‘If I do 400 words in the morning it doesn’t matter what happens with the rest of the day’, and not getting discouraged easily. ‘Getting published or getting an agent is like throwing darts in a dartboard, not knowing which one is going to hit the bull’s eye.’

What can you find in this interview?

-Experiences in getting an agent and getting published.

-Ideas to publish a short story collection.

-Travelling to research your writing.


-Writing routine.

-Animals in literature.

Texts Read:

The Gracekeepers (novel).

Writing Resources:


Do you want to know more about Kirsty Logan?

-Check out her website.

-Check out her Twitter.

-Check out her Instagram.

-Check out her Facebook.

Many thanks to our meticulous editor, Terry Garanhel, and the founder of the programme, Yvonne Battle-Felton. And, of course, to Kirsty Logan, who has been very kind in accepting to be interviewed by TWL. We hope to read lots of your novels!

Don’t forget to check our next interview on Sunday 6th of December in 87.7 Bailrigg FM at 6pm with Weird Fiction writer Tim Jarvis!



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